The Sufi Levels of Consciousness

One of the parts of learning about Radical Honesty that has helped me the most is learning about the way in which the Sufi's chart the levels of human consciousness. According to their belief 95% of humankind spends 95% of its time on the lowest rung of human consciousness, where - they posit - the average person has 6144 to worry about. On our way to attaining enlightenment and - ultimately - reunion with God (death) we may pass through the other levels of consciousness, which are attained by ongoing self-exploration and a shedding of ego and expectation. The levels go something like this (the descriptive parts are mine):

6144 - The Level of Beliefs (level at which we believe that our beliefs are more important than our being) 3072 - The Level of Social Contracts (level at which our reputation and conforming to social norms are more important than our being) 1536 - The Level of St.Ego (the level at which we believe that we have transcended social norms and know better than most) 768 - The Level of Philosopher/Charlatan (level at which we craft our own beliefs and sell our own ideas) 384 - The Level of Despair (level at which we understand that all beliefs are imaginary) 192 - The Level of Suicidal Panic (disillusionment and terror caused by a complete lack of belief in anything) +-96 - The Level of Here and Now (the void which is accompanied by calm, and the question 'ok now what?') 48 - The Level of Pure Reason (the level at which reason takes charge of the emotional self) 24 - The Level of Teaching (the level at which inspiration and guidance come from an inner teacher) 12 - The Level of Bliss (trans-personal unity with everything) 6 - The Level of Communing with God (manifesting the qualities of God) 3 - The Level of Ongoing Conversation with God (movement towards God by means of conscious realisation) 0 - The Level of Reunion (disappearance of the self and reunion with God in death) I thought this was really interesting, because from the description of each level I am now fairly sure that I've spent most of the last 3 years oscillating between 'Despair' and 'Suicidal Panic', with occasional trips to 'St.Ego' and 'Philosopher/Charlatan' where I used to hang out a lot. Recently I've caught a brief glimpse of 'Here & Now' before plummeting back down to 'Social Contracts' again for a nice long spell. Right now, on the back of 9 days of intense pychotherapy and honesty about my inner workings, I feel well and truly open to 'Pure Reason', although not there quite yet. I'll let you know how it goes here...

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I'm Laura, a therapist living and working in Devon, UK with clients using a combination of integrative counselling and 'Radical Honesty'; a Gestalt-based method of self-help, developed by renowned US psychotherapist Dr.Brad Blanton.


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